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Impact We Create

Access to clean water sparks transformative growth, immediately improving health, education, women's rights, and economic opportunity. By 2025, two-thirds of the worlds population will live in water scarce regions. Our partners are Shishir, Impact Water, and Viva Con Agua. Together, we work alongside communities in water scarce regions, building solutions that last. You can learn more below.

How We Do It?

Incubated by YY Goshti and Nobel Peace Laureate, Professor Muhammad Yunus, Powwater creates high levels of consumer impact by partnering exclusively with social businesses. Through uncompromised transparency, our consumers know exactly how their money is invested into impact solutions.

Help 20 People Now. Buy Our Water Bottle!

Blue Powwater Water Bottle

18oz Bamboo Bottle has a double vacuum sealed stainless steel core and a bamboo shell.  

Drink with love as every bottle brings sustainable clean water to 20 people in need.

Proceeds are reinvested into Impact Water in Kenya and Nigeria, as well as Shishir in Bangladesh.